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Natick is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

Natick is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. Natick is located near the center of the Metro West region of Massachusetts, with a population of 45,796 at the 2010 census. Only 10 miles (16 km) west from Boston, Natick is considered part of the Greater Boston area. The center of population of Massachusetts in 2000 was located in Natick.

Natick was first settled in 1651 by John Eliot, a Puritan missionary born in Widford, Hertfordshire, England who received a commission and funds from England’s Long Parliament to settle the Massachusett Indians on both sides of the Charles River, on land deeded from the settlement at Dedham. They were called Praying Indians – Natick was the first and for a long time served as the center of Eliot’s network of praying towns. While the towns were largely self-governing under Indian leaders, the praying Indians were subject to rules governing conformity to English Puritan culture (in practice Natick, like the other praying towns, evidenced a combination of traditional and English culture and practices). Eliot and Praying Indian translators printed America’s first written Bible in the Algonquian language.

Natick Center, which is also known as Downtown Natick, is located at the intersection of Central Street and Main Street and serves as the civic and cultural hub of the town. South Natick, known for its scenic nature, is where the Native American settlers first arrived and began the town on the shores of the Charles River. Housing developers like Martin Cerel lived in South Natick, and thus refrained from building major tract neighborhoods in this part of town. East Natick is a community of Natick that is located along Oak Street and at the intersection of Oak Street and Worcester Street.

Notable landmarks include Jennings Pond, the Industrial Park on Oak St North, and the Lilja School. West Natick is a large section of Natick that borders the town of Framingham. The Natick Mall, as well as the strip mall called Sherwood Plaza with its office Industrial Park behind, are considered to be the commercial hub of West Natick. In addition to its retail development, post World War II housing developments like Westfield, Pelham, and Sherwood as well as the National Guard depot and a golf course on Speen St brought many people to this part of town.





The Forever Flawless Store is located in Natick Mall an upscale shopping mall owned by General Growth Properties. It is located between Routes 9 and 30 in Natick, Massachusetts and is adjacent to Shoppers’ World in Framingham, Massachusetts. The original facility opened in 1966, becoming the first enclosed mall in the Boston metropolitan area. It was demolished and replaced by a larger building in 1994, and was significantly expanded with the completion of an additional retail wing in 2007. With 1,860,000 sq ft (173,000 m2) of leasable area and 250 retailers, it is the largest mall in New England in terms of total number of stores. The Natick Mall is anchored by Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor, Sears, and Macy’s. In 2017, a Wegmans supermarket will open as the mall’s sixth anchor store, replacing JC Penneywhich closed in 2015. Along with Shopper’s World, the Natick Mall helps form the heart of the regional shopping district known as the Golden Triangle. The 7 sq mi (18 km2) area is the second largest shopping district in Massachusetts outside of Downtown Crossing in the Financial District area of Boston.

Construction of the original Natick Mall began in 1965, connecting two stand-alone locations of Sears and Filene’s (both of which had opened in March and August 1965, respectfully), with a 725,000 square-foot, one-story facility of twenty-five stores. The project would become the first enclosed mall in the Boston metropolitan area and among the first built east of the Mississippi River. It was dedicated on April 27, 1966 with two smaller anchors on the north end of the mall, Woolworth’s and Pray’s Furniture, which eventually became a Boston Baby store, and a large fountain/entertainment area. A vacancy left by the departed Boston Baby in the 1980s was redeveloped into an additional retail wing and a newly constructed food court. By the 1990s, the mall had become undersized and was showing its age, as it had been largely unchanged for almost 25 years . As a result, shoppers began commuting to other facilities in the region; in 1992, the Homart Development Company purchased the Natick Mall and the adjacent Shopper’s World in Framingham.

Following a two-level, generally T-shaped floor plan, the Natick Mall spans 1,860,000 sq ft (173,000 m2). With its late-2000s expansion, it makes use of natural lighting with the intention of providing an open atmosphere. Its curved ceiling was inspired by the American Indian translation of “Natick”, meaning “place of rolling hills”. Much of the mall’s design incorporates the leaves of the birch tree. The expansion also provided an underground parking garage in addition to its three existing structures. The lower level incorporates porcelain tile flooring, while the upper level uses engineering hardwood flooring; the design utilizes glass fixtures throughout. The exterior of the Neiman Marcus location is covered by 80-foot-tall curved stainless steel panels colored in various shades of brown; it is intended to resemble a women’s dress.

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